11 months today

17 August 2015

From Kristina

Big changes for our little bean these past three months. The most recent involving bicycles. Indira took her first bike ride with us early August to celebrate six years since I moved to Australia and met Nic for our first bike ride together.

And Indi loves the bike (of course)! She especially loves going downhill. We are now thinking of a family bike tour at the beginning of every August. Starting next year with Southeast Asia, or Japan, or China, or …. so many options!


Yes, big changes these few months, Indi went from crawling to standing to climbing. From spoon fed to solids. From no teeth to six. She travelled from NSW to Queensland to Victoria, and moved apartments. These are some of the big things. But there are other things too: her giggle changed and her vocabulary of sounds grew. She can clap, wave, and play peek-a-boo. She can point at things and find/do them when asked like: “where are your books?” or “drink your water.” Such a clever little girl!


Indi consistently wakes around 5am. I go up the stairs to get her from her room and bring her into bed with Nic and me for a cuddle. Then, I pull open the curtains and the three of us watch the sunrise together. Gorgeous start to the day. Indi is cuddly then playful and once the warm colours of sunrise flood the room we make our way downstairs for breakfast. Below Nic and Indi mid cuddle and our view.

We moved the beginning of June (luckily when Anna was here to help!) We now live on Beach Street (literally), across the street from the beach, in Curl Curl. Interestingly, Curl Curl is derived from a Dharuk Aboriginal phrase curial curial, meaning river of life. A very fitting place for the Rivers family. We are only 1km north from where we were, so was not too big of a move, but then again no move is ever small. Our new place is three times the size and we now have room for visitors (that’s you!) Luckily Indi enjoys a sink bath in the new place and the beach too.

It was fabulous to have Anna here with us and as her update shares, we had many adventures. Hiking, running, swimming, cycling, and all the other things we do: responsible runners, workshops at the zoo (spot Anna amongst the mums), cooking and socialising too. We explored the city, had drinks with Tim at the Opera Bar and took Indi to Kate Leeming’s talk at the University of Sydney. Indi just loved spending time with her aunt!


While Anna was here we went on a road trip and visited our friends Pat and Anita at the Raftery resort, Ben and Jess on their farm, and Byron Bay with camping at Sapphire Beach. Indi was a fantastic traveller as long as there was ready access to snacks and play (so much to explore in the grass).

201506130456_Nicolas Rivers_IMG_7563

201506130341_Nicolas Rivers_IMG_7542

201506150510_Nicolas Rivers_IMG_7582

Play has been a change as Indi now belongs to two play groups and still catches up with her mates from our mum’s group, friends from Trisillian, and other pals too. How cute is the series of Indi and Trent! The photo series shows something Indi really enjoys – and that’s sharing. She loves sharing her food. She also loves dogs. Luckily, we live across the street from a dog park, so we go hang out on the grass and watch the dogs run by (if we are very lucky one stops to give Indi a kiss).


Yes, Indi enjoys sharing her food. She also enjoys eating! Such a good eater, she will try anything and goes through different favourites. Right now, her favourite foods are blueberries, black olives, and cashew cheese. Last month was banana and avocado. Indi is being raised plant-based and we have been experimenting with all sort of lentil and veggie muffins with flax and chia… and she’ll eat it all as long as she can feed herself. Most meals are at home, but sometimes we get out to cafes, the beach, or the market too. Another adorable thing Indira does lately is hide an item of food and then rediscover it. Or she will put it down and look away and then look back and pick it up excitedly. So cute.

201507290751_Nicolas Rivers_IMG_7648

With all the changes these past few months, there remains the constant: lots of time with mum and dad.


Indi also spent time with her adoring grandparents while they visited the Rivers resort in July. It was a busy time seeing friends too, including Kat & Teilo whom we’ll see again in San Francisco when we visit Indi’s great grandfather Simon in September.

201507240933_Nicolas Rivers_IMG_7599

It’s been a gorgeous few months topped off last weekend in Melbourne celebrating Indi’s great grandfather Jack’s 90th birthday amongst all her Arney family. More photos of the Arney reunion and Melbourne in the next update but here are a few I have to share now – including play with some toys that Nic played with as a baby, walks with the grandparents where Nic grew up, and some fun games with Aunt Kellie.

Next update will also include Indira’s 1st birthday and an adventure to North America.

Until then, xx

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