Daughter of Kristina

14 November 2016

From Nicolas

Home four days now and settling in to our expanded family; mother and daughter recovering well and I kicked off the sunrise coast walk series today. ‘Daughter of Kristina’ is adapting seamlessly.. sleeping all day, feeding all night, passing all the right movements and getting her limbs working - we’re looking forward to her [hopefully] settling into a rhythm in the coming days.

Indira is embracing her role as big sister – being very affectionate and doing her best to help out with all the routines; bed time, letting us know where baby sleeps and reading stories “One day..”, and at bath time Indira helps with the water and is quick to clutch the bath cloth.

So what’s her name? The jury is still out on that one. And now that you see her, we’d welcome your thoughts.

She arrived at 10:29am (Australian Eastern) on Thursday 10 November, weighing 3.64kg (8lb) and 52cm (1′8.47″).
Around 10pm Wednesday the contractions begun, at 3am we headed for the hospital and by 10:30am our girl arrived; caught and cut free by her father!

The fact it is possible to push something that size out of the human body really is astounding.

So proud and amazed by Kristina and looking forward to this next chapter for our family,

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