Eight Months

03 June 2015

From Kristina

Indira, our little explorer, has grown so much these last two months. She's engaged in a number of social causes, traveled across state, diversified her palate, and picked up a few new instruments. Indira, Indi-boo, Indi-roo, we love you! Here we are out exploring the world.

An explorer in all things – Indira has enjoyed a diversity of new foods. I’ll put a few of her favourite finger foods out, with one new item, and Indi (decided to start spelling it without the ‘e’) will always go for the new item first. Eating is so fun! (And if there is nothing good on the menu, why not just try the menu itself?)

Indira gets all her food from the local farmers market. Dad and daughter Sunday mornings while Mum rides her bike. Rain or shine (these photos are from a rainy day). Whatever items not turned into finger foods are blended in a different array of superfood blends with lentils, beans, chia, nuts, coconut, spirulina, etc.!

Dining in can become quite messy now and lately we’ve taken to washing Indi in the sink before the dishes. She absolutely loves it. Just need to say the words ‘sink bath …’ to see sequels of delight and waving of limbs with excitement.


Indi’s first Easter weekend  was special with gifts from Grandma Susan, brunch at Anjas, walks on the beach, coffee with the Halliday’s and beer with Dad.

What made the weekend all that more special was the beginning of Responsible Runners. A very different type of easter hunt … one of finding plastics and rubbish on the beach and collecting them in bags for Taronga Blue.


At seven months, all our lives changed. We went to sleep school, a place in Sydney called Trisillian. We went in on Monday with Indi co-sleeping between us, snacking and thus waking every other hour at night, and not sleeping in the day. On Friday we checked out with Indi sleeping two naps a day, eating three regular meals, and sleeping the night in her own cot! It was fantastic to receive support from skilled nurses while we made the transition. And we were able to do it all without any controlled crying! The first couple nights were tough, likely more for me as I had not slept without my little girl, but by the end of the week, our new pattern was set. While there we made lifelong friends with the other parents and Indi did too! Here she is playing with her new mates in and out of sleep school.

It’s been lovely to watch as Indi becomes more interested in other little people. Playing with Trent and big friend Bel, and recently Florence and Liv who belong to a new group we started called ‘Mum’s Giving Back.’ This group developed from our mum’s group to raise awareness of social issues we care about and take action! First project is around the treatment of people seeking asylum by boat.

Indira also participated in the Ride of Silence this year as a marshal. You can see how delighted she was by it at the end with her dad, Thomas, and Druki. Next year will be on a bicycle! We took a look at one while we were recently down in Melbourne featured below.


Yes, Melbourne! We flew down to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Teasdale’s arriving to Australia by boat from England. It was a fantastic weekend on Phillip Island surrounded by all of Indi’s adoring family. We went through Frankston on the way back and met Indira’s great grandparents Jack and Jean and of course stopped in Melbourne to visit friends and go to the veggie bar for vegan nachos!



Love our little explorer girl. Turns out she also likes music. Besides dancing to it, seems she has an interest to play! shakers, tambourines, and yes, she can grab the recorder, bring it to her mouth and play!

She’s still into books, and lately fascinated by her boat of animals. She pulls each one out to play, rests them down and explores another. (oh, yes, that was a milestone when she could sit on her own!)

Indi is now getting around by rolling and also by plank-inching her way forward. Moving around and moving anything she can around too.

Adorable. Here are a few more snaps of the month including a catch up with our parenting group, mothers day (we took a lovely long walk around narrabeen lake), my birthday (thanks for the cake Vic!), and other moments.

Next update will have Aunt Anna, who is visiting from New York and a road trip to Queensland.

Until soon, and please keep your comments here instead of emails as we will be able to give this photo blog to Indira when she is older and she can see the comments too.


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