Eleanor is 2

04 May 2019

From Kristina

Eleanor turned two on November 10th and celebrated in unicorn-style with family in Canberra. She weighed in as perfectly healthy...

Eleanor turned two on November 10th and celebrated in unicorn-style with family in Canberra. She weighed in as perfectly healthy at her two-year check and measured within the 95% in height.

It was a delightful celebration with gifts including a new backpack and lunch box to start school in the new year. We all headed to the Arboretum for a play, where the girls courageously climbed the heights on their own. 

Around the end of Spring, we enjoyed the warming weather and a visit from Grandma Elizabeth! The girls loved having both grandmas around for grandparents day at their schools and getting extra spoiled with special treats like ice cream! 

Eleanor was very excited at two-years-old to finally have the length in her legs to ride her balance bike. A little help and like her sister, she was riding fearlessly in no time. 

In early December we packed up our place and after a couple weeks in Canberra flew to India for 6 weeks. We had the most amazing time. Settling into Malarchi boarding house with 9 children already, in total we were over 20 people together! The girls made lasting friendships with the children and got to spend special time with family too. It was a joyful Christmas and New Year, full of adventures! Hiking, swimming, delicious food, and enriching time with friends and family. Will be back soon! 

Returning home to Australia, we bounced between Airbnb’s and friends homes until we found a perfect little pad in Balgowlah. We enjoyed the rest of summer with a couple trips to Canberra, Melbourne, and the South Coast. Once we moved in to our new home, the new school year began with Eleanor starting at Farmhouse 2 days a week and Indira changing to 3 days. Eleanor settled into school right away, she is just thriving! From stringing words together to composing sentences, and now a constant chaterbox, asking: ‘What’s this?, and ‘Why?’ Her empathetic side comes out at school as the educators say she ‘looks after the younger ones,’ however, they are all 2-3years old, so really the same age! She may act older as she is still fiercely independent. She started school at 2 dressing herself, using the toilet completely, and looking after herself. At two, Eleanor also turned a corner on sleeping better and now sleeps through at least half the week! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The bond the two girls continues to grow. Both love engaging in shared play, crafts, and adventures. Indira too at her last check up was in the 95% for height, they may be taller than their parents! Indira went on a special canoe camping trip with Nic in which they had to canoe downriver to set up camp – Indi loved it. She has had a passion for swimming lately and during the break took an intensive swim course. Both girls had a lovely Easter break, we kept it a quiet one at home to rest between school terms. Celebrated some easter fun with gifts from Grandma Susan, a naked vegan egg hunt, and some craft. 

That’s it for now. Eleanor just got a second balance bike with a platform for her feet and she has taken to it obsessively! Wanting to ride it every free moment of the day and fearlessly gaining speed and propping her feet up. We plan to settle in for the winter here – so no big travel in the near future, but as always we welcome visitors! 

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