Eleanor’s 6 months

18 May 2017

From Kristina

Eleanor: meaning shining light, she is true to her name, with her big eyes so bright and her curious nature, she is a delight. Eleeeeanor we Adoooore you!

Yes you! Such a clever curious girl, rolling at 4 months and now at 6 months nearly crawling! Eleanor enjoys touching, grabbing, and rattling things – exploring her environment. And just like her sister – she loves to eat! On her 6 month birthday, May 10th, she measured 67cm and weighed in at nearly 8kg, a very healthy size. So far her favourite veggies are carrots, avocado, and beets!

Another way to explore the environment is to taste it! Luckily, Eleanor has some new lovely toys to enjoy in between meal times.

And happily, Eleanor has a loving big sister to get her toys and pick them up when she drops them. Eleanor loves her big sister – tracks her and laughs with her and learns from her.

Eleanor has also enjoyed the company of her adoring Grandma and Grandad both in Sydney and Canberra, both her uncles Steve and Tim, and her too cool friends Quinn and Isabella.

Well, isn’t that all fun. Eleanor has clocked some kms on the Backfiets taking Indira to school and happily naps in our new running pram. It’s a good thing she likes the pram as her mum is signing up to do a marathon in 6 months time, so she’ll be in it a lot!

We may even run Indira to school! Into the second term at Montessori, Indira is enjoying her two days at school. Here is a little glimpse of her life there.

Oh, and Gorilla, he goes to school too. He’s part of our family too and receives many special privileges. When Sam and Kimberly sent us this lovely blanket, Indira opened it and said: “Oh! It’s a blanket for Gorilla” haha.

Indira, our sweet love, how we love you.

Indira has really gotten in humour lately. Telling jokes. And they are hilarious, they mostly comprise of adding ‘Ditch’ to the end of things. Indria Stoney … Ditch! hahahha. Get it? Well, she does. Sometimes telling jokes to herself for 40min in bed before getting up. She likes to say “I’m such a funny girl!”

Other things Indira have been up to include developing her tree climbing skills, adventures, washing dishes, and playing with her friends. She also met her lovely cousin Emmah for a fun filled adventure in the city. Emmah was very protective of Indira, holding her hand and making sure she was safe on those crowded streets, very sweet.

It’s the good life over here at the Rivers. See you all next time!



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