Eleanor’s 9 months

26 August 2017

From Kristina

(long post) I intended to write this update at Eleanor's 8th month, to share that our little girl was nearly crawling and standing; but time got away and here we are at 9 months and she's crawling everywhere and nearly walking!

Other new skills that delight Eleanor as she practices them are clapping and waving. Here she’s clapping at the park vicariously enjoying Indi’s swinging – hooray! And practicing her open-and-close-hand wave at meal time (check out those adorable teeth!)

Our little girl loves meal time – and when she starts rubbing food in her hair we know she’s done and it’s on to a favourite time of day – bath time! Indira loves to help out, feeding Eleanor and washing her too – much to Ele’s delight! Both girls are very emphatic, crying or laughing when the other does or when Ele bumps her head – Indi says ow!

Indira really enjoys looking after her sister and says things often like: “I just love her,” (wrapping her arm around Ele), and “I love Eleanor,” and “we’re such a loving family.” Aw. And of course Eleanor enjoys little more than spending time with her big sis.

And the joy is increased with mum and dad around and even more so if adventure is involved!

Sometimes we take family walks to the beach before bed but most often Eleanor’s experience in the pram is while I’m running! Luckily she uses the time to take a nap!

Napping is good! Night sleeping even better (that’s what we’re telling Ele) and at 7 months we took another stint at sleep school to help Ele master the skills (a skill we’re still supporting!) It was great to spend 5 days with just Ele and get to know her patterns and interests and it turns out she’s a social creature – she loved having friends around to engage with. She enjoyed having Tori visit for the day too and getting together with her pal Isabella.

Our beautiful curious little girl so interested in exploring her world. Isn’t she cuddable! 

Eleanor is not the only one in this house developing at lightening speed. As Ele has gone from blah blah blah to dah dah dah, Indira’s vocabulary has flourished. Indi, nearly 3, is now posing thoughtful questions, sharing her feelings, and creating imaginative stories with language. She’s thriving at Montessori (two days a week) and is developing strong friendships.

Indira loves spending time with her Grandma Susan and having her Grandma and Grandad visit. Together they spend time at the local park, having smoothies, or whatever Indi requests! Recently Indi’s uncle Steve and cousin Coby visited and Indi was too chuffed, she admires Coby and loved having him help her build forts and read stories!

Coby gave Indira some of his things including a drum with musical instruments that Indi enjoys. A few days later – unprompted, Indi took the instruments out and hooked the drum to her ‘happy bike,’ called it a ‘trailer’ and said she was off to India! Our little adventurer …

Our girl loves an adventure. She’s becoming a great climber and cyclist. She speeds along on her balance bike, the other day a neighbour commenting that she “was a maniac on that bike!” Happily, she knows how to use her brake and stop at roads. And we’ve got to get climbing more – she’s fearless!

Life’s not all outside play, Indi enjoys home days too, seeming the need to recharge in the quite and calm at home. Here she’s been practicing her cooking, tidying, and crafts (including glueing and cutting which she enjoys).

What fun.

Next update will be after Indira’s 3rd birthday – we’ll be going to Melbourne via the train and bikes for an urban bike tour of the all the vegan cake shops! Indira’s very excited to go to Melbourne and while there will catch up with all our family too. See you there or somewhere else soon!


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