Eleanor’s two months

18 January 2017

From Kristina

Where to begin, it's been such a wonderfully busy time. Maybe with the two sisters, already in love with one another. Indira is a caring big sister and Eleanor watches her with what looks like curiosity and adoration.

The girls’ Grandma Elizabeth flew over from Canada and quickly assimilated into the Rivers routine: taking Indira to music, swimming, and the park, and taking Eleanor on many, many walks around Freshwater.


Grandma Elizabeth looks particularly comfortable for some sleeping too! During this time, the girls’ Canberran Grandparents came to visit and we enjoyed some adventures all together.

Soon we said goodbye to both Grandparents, but hello to our new bike! The Bakfiets!

It’s so great to get around in and as you can see, a great place to take a rest! We actually sold our van, so we are now a completely bike dependant family! Next, we head to Canberra by jumping on the train. There we celebrate Nic’s birthday and Christmas with the Arney family.

And then to Jindabyne for a week on the Evan’s ranch. Phones switch off and bikes come out. While Nic and Indira took to the trails, riding the Moots, I took Eleanor out in the pram running. Together we all did some hiking, including up Kosciusko on New Years day. It was a grand time amidst friends in the mountains. We managed another stop in Canberra and then still had another week of holidays at home. A very good start to the year, happy 2017 everyone!

In this last image Indi is looking out at the Evan’s ranch. Indira is now 2 and a quarter. She is a delight, with a growing imagination and sense of adventure everything becomes more fun. In a couple weeks she begins Montessori two days a week: I’m sure it will be great for her – but I’ll miss her!

And Oh Eleanor, our little light, well, a not so light (in weight) little girl – at her 2 month check-in she’s topping the charts in the 85% for both height and weight. I think she’s going to be tall. Look at these long arms. Midwifes remark that she is an alert baby (this sounds familiar), and she loves to eat!

That’s it from us for now, until soon

xxThe Rivers




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