Grandma Elizabeth in Sydney

05 January 2019

From Kristina

Grandma Elizabeth arrived the day before 'Grandparent's Day' at Indira's school and stayed with us the first three weeks of November. Her visit included Eleanor's second birthday, a trip to Canberra, helping us as we packed up our home, and the first buds of the Frangipani flower. Her pictures and comments from the visit are below. Enjoy!

Kristina takes the girls to school, and to the left: my tent.

I took the girls to lots of playgrounds and we stayed in each one for as long as they liked.

We had fun at home too, playing with a tea set from Hope from when she was a little girl, playing dress up, and reading. I encouraged Eleanor to wear her dresses and soon everyday was a ‘Party Dress’ day.

Indira  humoured me by sitting on the tree below; we had a full day at the Botanical Gardens and at the end of the day Indira says: “grandma I’m tired of looking at trees.” It was a big day fuelled with special treats and included a trip to the museum and a nap on the ferry home.

Wednesday’s became my special day with just Indira and the following week we again headed into the city to visit another museum (Indira’s choice of activity) and again it was such a big day she fell asleep on the way home.

Tuesdays became time for me and both girls to spend together and we continued to explore all the playgrounds around Freshwater.

We spent time all together too, visiting Canberra, going on walks around the neighbourhood, and hikes through beautiful forests. The bug shell Indira noticed during one of our walks, we carefully put it in a jar and she brought it to school for show-in-tell.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to Sydney. See you soon Rivers Family.

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