Happy New Year

28 December 2015

From Kristina

We end this year with Indi 15.5months - a walking, talking toddler. It's been such a splendid year, made more so by seeing so much of everyone around the world. The Rivers may have a quieter 2016 and perhaps by 2017 Indira will be celebrating in the new year with a little brother or sister.

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Continuing where we left off was in celebrating Indira’s first birthday – and we had another celebration with Grandma and Granddad Arney when they visited from Canberra. And lucky for them – Indi decided to take her first on-her-own steps at the picnic fields following the farmers markets.

Those steps were on a Sunday and by the following weekend Indi was a confident walker. I loved watching her learn during the week, as she would set her self a goal of a few feet and after falling return to her starting point to try again and again until she made her destination. She’d do this all day, gradually increasing her distance. Very determined little girl.

With summer in Sydney, Indi and I spent more time at the beach. However, I noticed that Indi prefers the beach – playing in the waves – then in the salt water pool. Little adventurer. She also goes out of her way to navigate across rocks!

Little adventurer is in love with cycling. Seriously. She goes crazy for her bike and helmet. If she sees either – that’s it, we have to go out. And while cycling she points out every other bike, “Biee.” It’s a challenge to get her helmet off without protest so I often let her wear it while out at the park, in the village, or at the grocers… other parents must think I’m very overprotective as I navigate the grocery isles with Indi in a cart wearing her helmet.

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Sometimes the helmet gets to stay on at meal times too! I’ve started to take more pictures of Indi’s food – as I’m starting a new site called Rivers Kitchen that will be the base for a baby food brand that is plant – based. Watch this space. Indi’s still a happy and diverse eater – not shy of spice either!

Indi enjoys meals with her BF Flo, especially some of the yum spreads Katie prepares. We’ve spent some time together these last couple months as we prepare to launch Welcome Dinners in the Northern Beaches – this project sees newly arrived (refugee and foreign students) people with established Australians in a facilitated dinner experience. We’ve also campaigned for children out of detention and just had socials together too ?

Indi loves a good social (especially around food!) and we’ve enjoyed a fair few these couple months – including a second trip from Indi’s Arney Grandparents as they helped us move house.

Yes, sadly we had to move from Beach Street, our lovely home on the ocean. However, we have moved into a lovelier home with yard and space for dogs and chickens! And we are only a 10min walk from the beach on a quiet leafy street – so all is good, it’s just the moving part that’s rough and two weeks from Christmas.

Prior to celebrating Christmas, we celebrated Nic’s 37th birthday with pancakes, vegan lasagna, and earlier a vegan tiramisu with Sara.

Indi just loves spending time with her dad.

201511291640_Kristina Rivers_IMG_0589

Christmas was lovely. We started traditionally opening a few gifts and enjoyed breakfast together with Grandma and Granddad Arney and then we all started preparations for our epic Christmas dinner. Indira was very happy with her Christmas present – her first bike. The race edition of first bike in purple … her feet don’t touch the ground yet, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying it! She also got the wooden blocks her great grandfather Simon made for me when I was little, and some adorable little outfits.

201512250712_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1028

For dinner we prepared to host 17 people, a mix of family and friends old and new. Earlier we had put out a call in our community for anyone without family to join us, and happily for all involved we got some takers. It was a divine vegan feast and the celebrations went late into the night. Indi was a socialite at the beginning and then slept through the rest.

And that brings us to the end of the year! Love to all from us xK

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