Indi turns 3

07 November 2017

From Kristina

And a brilliant celebration we had! An overnight train to Melbourne, an urban (vegan) cake crawl, art, and family love!

Indira and Eleanor were so excited to travel by train and it was an easy way to pack our bikes down the coast to Australia’s dessert and culture capital. After a train breakfast we rolled out to a second cafe breakfast and examined our maps of Melbourne; charting a course that would see us ride approx. 30km and hit 3 vegan cake shops. At each cafe Indira chose one slice of cake – we popped in a candle and sang happy birthday – hip hip hooray!

In-between cakes the girls took little naps on the bikes as Nic and I peddled across the bike friendly city. We ended at an Art hotel where Indira was given canvas and paints and after painting 3 masterpieces we strolled across the road to the markets to pick up fresh produce for dinner.

Great start start to an amazing 5 days including trips to the Melbourne museum, street art tours, botanical gardens, Indi’s first concert Mark Wilkinson (that she needed a nap for), new books (Indi still loves reading) and of course a family birthday celebration where Indira joyfully received a scooter from her grandparents.

There was significant lead up to our Melbourne adventure. Indira practiced putting candles in almost anything and singing happy birthday nearly daily for months. She was ready. And luckily we get to do it all again soon as Eleanor’s 1st birthday is just around the corner. We’ll be headed to the adventure land of New Zealand for a 2 week family escapade including a marathon, hiking, and our first experience in a campervan. We thought about hiking and camping and have done a few trials – Nic with Indi bike packing and all of us hiking into a campground in the Royal National Park, however decided to save longer hike-camping expeditions for when the girls are just a little bit older!

So many adventures. At home we spend a lot of time on bikes too, and luckily Eleanor also seems fascinated by and enjoys bicycles, she’s upgraded her sitting on the backfiets so now the two girls can hold hands while we ride along. Indira still profess daily that she just loves her sister.

Our days are filled with park plays, smoothies at cafes, or just chilling at home. Indira is still thriving at school – really enjoying yoga lately – and on the weekends we go for family walks and visit with friends and family.

Indira, it’s been 3 years and we love you. Next update will be in a few months after New Zealand in November and then the Victorian Alps in December. And then next year we look forward to welcoming overseas family – see you all soon! x




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