Indira turns 4

06 October 2018

From Kristina

Happy Birthday to our big girl Indira. Highlights of turning 4 include having 3 birthdays (3 cakes) and now having 4 books instead of 3 books before bed!

After considering the options, Indira decided she would like to have her birthday party at the Boathouse cafe on Shelly Beach. When I listed her friends, she said: ‘that’s too many, I just want 4 friends to come.’  September 18th was perfect, a warm sun, an uncrowded beach, and chocolate vegan cake with berries shared with 4 special friends.

Indira’s birthday party was one of three: her second was at school where she shared cupcakes with her classmates, and her third was with Grandma Susan and Granddad at the Boathouse again but with a vegan vanilla and berry cake. Indira was very pleased and with all the lovely gifts too from as far as Vermont!

Indira’s 4th year celebration started early, on a family holiday we took up the Australian coast. Gifts in the tent where we were camping on Clarks Beach in Byron Bay and a ukulele gift in the resort where we stayed on the Gold Coast.

We had a lovely time together on the beaches of Byron Bay, playing in the sand, hiking, and leisurely meals.

After camping for a few days the girls did not want to leave the resort on the Gold Coast, enjoying the large bathtub, pool, and indoor spaces to explore. We were visiting the Gold Coast for the Worlds Triathlon championships which I competed in for Saint Kitts and Nevis, the girls enjoyed watching the race and taking in the buzz of the event. We also caught up with the Raffterys and explored some of the hinterland on the way. Indira has announced that she is an Eco-Warrior, and will be saving the world. This translates to stopping to pick up any plastic that she sees – this is what the girls are doing in the final picture, rescuing some plastic bags that may have blown out to sea.

Eleanor follows her sister’s lead and like Indira has Gorilla as a special friend, Eleanor has chosen ‘Baby Lucy’ as her special friend to look after. Ele sleeps with, comforts, feeds, and entertains baby.

Eleanor is determinedly independent. She is also fastidious about cleanliness, below she is captured cleaning her hands and face mid meal (sometimes we have to go through a few clothes during meals as she insists on changing out of ‘wet’ clothes that may have gotten a drop of food or water).

And still big on cuddles, Eleanor will say ‘cuddle me now’ and reach in for the deepest, full body cuddle, a welcome respite from her busy activity.

Lots of cuddles for Grandma Susan and Grandad as they have visited us in Freshwater and we have taken the train to see them in Canberra!

Eleanor has started in Family Care with 3 other toddlers and a French educator, Stephanie. If you would like to see photos of Ele during her days there – let me know and I’ll add you to her list. Having Eleanor in care has freed up a day for me and Indira to spend together. The two of us have plenty of adventures, going to museums, art galleries, or just out for hot chocolate and to the library where we read more books then an active Eleanor would allow. Indira and I love our time together, especially going to the city where we sometimes see dad too!

Our little adventurers. Here are a few more snaps from family life, hiking, visiting with friends, enjoying the wonderful life we have together. Next up we have Eleanor’s 2nd birthday, a visit from Grandma Elizabeth and a trip to India – see you soon. xx




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