Indira turns 5!

04 November 2019

From Kristina

Out of the blue Indira told me recently, “when I grow up, I don’t want to be a police or...

Out of the blue Indira told me recently, “when I grow up, I don’t want to be a police or firefighter or anything like that. I just want to be myself.”

And be herself she is, in every wonderful way. For her birthday party she chose 5 girlfriends to enjoy cake at the Boathouse and a nature hike at Shelly Beach Headland. It was perfect.

She also got to bring cupcakes to school to share with her friends and she had a family celebration including an Indian feast and more cupcakes!

She loved getting some special gifts from her family near and far and from us gifts with a swimming theme as she continues to develop and excel in the pool. Indira is now swimming properly on her own and loving it.

Last night we went to a local bike race with a family focus – the adults do laps around the track and in the centre the children receive coaching to develop their bike skills. Indira and Eleanor LOVED it. On their bikes jumping bridges, swerving between pylons, and racing other children their age. It might be a weekly feature this summer. When we picked the girls up from Canberra after their holiday with Grandma and Grandad (which they also loved, of course), we took them to the local bike park, Stomlo, where they kicked up dirt with other adults and far bigger children. The girls really enjoy Canberra, and happily we will be returning at the end of this month and while the girls get loved up, Nic and I will travel into the mountains for more bike racing.

Family travel for a sporting event seems to be what we do. It was the reason for our recent travels up to the Gold Coast during the previous school break. Our first stay was at a resort with notoriously delicious brunch and swimming pools. The girls were looking forward to splashing about, but during the long drive up, we ended up at the hospital – Indira with an infected splinter on the bottom of her foot and Eleanor with a minor ear infection. Both were not allowed swimming a week – doctors orders! We had a kind and thorough doctor, and as we were at the hospital most of the day, there was learning opportunities for the girls – and there has been plenty of doctor role-play since. The stay at the resort was still a hit, with the big brunches, dinner out, spectating at the half marathon, and cuddles watching TV.

We then drove south and after a short stay with our friends at the Raftery Resort we stayed in a goregeous cabin on Clarks Beach in Byron Bay. Here we spent days on the beach biking, hiking, swimming, and catching up with friends. So good. Sure to be a frequented holiday spot for our family (the cycling is good there too!).

After returning home, we took another trip south to for a family gathering in Gerringong. The girls loved spending time getting to know their big cousins, next Arney family gathering will be Christmas – not too far away!

Yes, summer is around the corner. There are only 5 weeks left to the school year before our big summer break. We recently had our parent/teacher meetings and in both the educators discussed the girls intrinsic interest and attention to learning. We knew this about Indira. Recently she told her teacher: “I’m tired of playing, I want to do hard things and stretch my brain.” We talk about doing ‘hard things’ at home, something I picked up from the book Grit – and Indira’s current hard thing she is keen to master is writing. She can write words she’s memorised but she wants to learn how letters go together to create any word. She enjoys puzzles and chooses this difficult IQ book (below) to do before bed with us instead of reading sometimes. We were surprised at Eleanor’s meeting though – her teacher sharing that Eleanor spends a lot of time in quiet and still concentration learning words, letters, doing small work, and reading! As at home she is all movement and it is one adventure after the next. Kite flying, exploring, running around the great outdoors and at home engaged in ongoing role-plays and performances with her sister.

The girls get an extra dose of adventure on Dad and Daughter Saturdays’ when Nic takes them farther into the bush or even as far as the mountains (in the snow!), more on these adventures from him shortly. Next up for us is Eleanor’s 3rd Birthday and until next time here are a few more images of the last months.

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