Indira’s 18 months

21 March 2016

From Kristina

Indi is still crazy for cycling. She loves bikes, scooters, skateboards, anything with wheels! She's a multisport kinda girl though, taking time for swimming lessons and she entered her first running race, go Indi!

An active girl with a little quirk too. She loves putting on muma’s clothes, and lots of hats and shoes. Here she is very proud of herself wearing 3 hats for our adventure to the beach.

Another quirk is Indi’s love for balls. They get special treatment at our house, and get pushed in the pram to the park where they get rides on the swing and slide. Balls and bikes aside, Indi is a very good sharer. Her emerging personality is very kind and generous – at music, for example, she will get instruments out of the box and hand them out to other children before getting one for herself. When her friends come over, she looks after them by putting on their hats and feeding them. Little sweetheart.

Three Hats Two


We still do plenty of adventures, usually two a day (with a midday nap). Music, swimming, playdates, storytime, trips to the zoo, walks to the park, bike rides, etc.! Indira is happiest out and about and then home with mum and dad. At home, she loves to help out (below raking with dad), play, and read books. Here she’s even reading to her animals and her bestie Howie.

Still a big eater, with a diverse palate – everything from chia puddings to sauerkraut, spicy foods, indian curries, even raw beetroot – she’ll eat it all. At her 18 month check she weighed in at 11.5kgs, still hugging the 85% and measured 72cm, also near the 85% for her age, not bad for a vegan bub.

Indira is so full of life, we love her immensely. Everyday her vocabulary grows and her stories become more sensible. She can differentiate different native birds by look and sound and can use her words to more effectively communicate, using ‘all done’, ‘please’, ‘ta’, etc. After ‘Hi’ her next words were bike, dada, and muma. Then came ball, park, dog, flower, map, and so on. About the cutest thing Indi says at the moment is: “nini nagerous,” meaning Indi dangerous when she’s doing something unsafe like climbing on the thin arm of an armchair.

As her uncle Will and Annie can attest her most used word this week is ‘more.’ More blueberries, more bubbles, more sprinkler, more.

Summer Sprinklers

Yes, we are lucky to have Will and Annie visiting us all the way from Vancouver! Indi can say both their names and is looking forward to spending a full day alone with them next week.

The past few months have been full of our usual hive of activity, with a launch of our social impact mothers group, responsible runners, playdates, and lots of adventure. Later today we will be driving to Canberra with Will and Annie to visit Indi’s grandparents Susan and Geoff, more of that and other news in the next update.

Bye for now and love to all. xK

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