Indira’s 2.5

21 March 2017

From Kristina

Big girl Indira is now on her way to 3, after celebrating a mid-year birthday last Saturday. Indira, our gorgeous girl, growing up, has started at a small Montessori two days a week, with the rest of the week reserved for playdates and adventures with her family. Happily, we recently had more family visit, as Indira's Aaya flew down from India.

Indira skipped her usual warm-up phase and cuddled up to her Aaya immediately, with books in hand to be read.

Our girl loves her books. The first thing she does when she wakes up and the last thing before bed is to read, either on her own (with Gorilla and newly adopted Kitty) or with others.   

We did plenty of adventures while Heidi was here: hiking, exploring, a trip to the Zoo, and good coffee of course.

We had lovely visits with Grandma, Grandad and uncle Tim too, more adventures and games indoors like ‘Ring around the rosy.’ Everyone joined in for this month’s Clean Up Australia Day too!

Indira’s still warming up to Montessori – happy on the cycle there and very tired on the cycle home!

We had a lovely time at Anya and Nick’s wedding, Eleanor was a little sleepy so Indira gave her some cuddles.


Indira loves to cuddle her little sister and Eleanor loves it too!

Our beautiful girls. Here are a few more of Eleanor who at her recent 4 month shots came in around the 90% for weight and height!

That’s it from us, on to the next adventure! xo


Rivers Journal

Rivers Journal