Indira’s 20 months AND

21 May 2016

From Kristina

She's a BIG Sister. Whahooooo. Indi is going to be a fabulous big sister, already practicing by looking after her animals and friends. Her little sibling is due November 20th, so at the moment, I'm in my 14th week of pregnancy. So far scans show a healthy growing bub and we check into maternity services next week on my 36th birthday!

Nature is a wonderful thing, and we are so lucky to live where we do. Living near the beach, protected forests, lagoons, and places to learn too with an aquarium a short ride away. Although moving into winter, it has still been warm enough (even this week!) to go to the beach and get about exploring easily. Below you can see Indi feeding the ducks near us (green peas), enjoying the aquarium with her friends, playing at the beach, and also joining in a new gardening for toddlers program.

We still get around mostly by bike, which is fine by Indi, as she’s crazy for bikes. Lots of family rides, our longest with Indi so far being a 50km loop through a National Forrest ending at the Farmers Market. Sadly, the bike we got for Indi is still too big, but she still loves taking it out and just walking it up and down the street. Luckily, Indi’s grandparents, Susan and Geoff, got her another little bike she can ride that Indi calls her ‘happy bike.’

You may start to notice an apple feature in a number of images, as they have recently become a favorite. Well, it has been autumn and they are in season and absolutely delicious! Indi still has a fantastic appetite and willingness to try anything. She is now using a fork, spoon, and glass on her own. Lately, we have been starting the day with a green smoothie and Indi loves them! Yum yum, lots of leafy greens …


Along with culinary skills, Indi’s language is developing too. We can now have little conversations that she can add to. At the end of each day we talk about her day and she shares some of her highlights. Might be the ‘chairs,’ or the park, seeing Howie, Flo, or other friends, playing with her dada, gifts from Grandma Susan, or simply ‘books’. (Indi still loves her books – can you spot her in the activity of the last image?)

Big highlight Indi talked about was a visit from her Uncle William and Annie. We had so many adventures together and Will and Annie got to take Indi on a few adventures of their own, including two aquariums. After they left the next time I took Indi to the aquarium to visit the fish, she asked ‘Will?’


The last picture was taken in Canberra, Australia’s capital and we all got a fabulous tour from Geoff and Susan and got to see Sara’s art exhibition. Lots to do in Canberra, including some family runs with kangaroos.

Back in Sydney, we did a Park run, lots of hikes, swims, caught up with Uncle Tim, and went our on our friends Illa and Vitor’s boat. After stopping for a lighthouse hike, William swam from the mainland back to the boat, keen!

Our local pool with Will, Annie, Indi swimming

Our local pool with Will, Annie, Indi swimming

Such a wonderful visit, and now Indi can point them out in photographs (or the other day she pointed at Jamie Oliver and said Will?)… Indi also got to see her Uncle Steve and family at Taite’s 18th birthday in Nowra. What a party! Indi enjoyed dancing around and playing with her older cousins.


And upcoming news is next week we will have Indi’s Auntie Rose visit coming to us from Tanzania! We are looking forward to the fun-filled three weeks ahead plus Indi will get to see her Grandpa Richard who will be visiting us early June, travelling from Calcutta, India. We plan on lots of cycling, cafe culture, beach, books and play.

Until then, I’ll finish this update with Indi showing off her post-ride yoga activities. She’s got the downward dog nailed!


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