Indira’s 4.5…

27 June 2019

From Kristina

She’s been 4.5 for a while now. Earlier this year Nic was on the phone making a reservation and said...

She’s been 4.5 for a while now. Earlier this year Nic was on the phone making a reservation and said we had a 2 and a 4-year-old. Indira exclaimed loudly: “I’m not 4 dad; I’m 4 and a half.” One 4 and a half year old with a BIG imagination and curious mind. Things she’s been asking lately include:

How does the rain develop from clouds and then turn into clouds again? 

Why do some things float, even though they are big? (This included bringing various objects to an ocean pool to test what floats and why). 

How did dinosaurs die under the ground if that’s where their bones are? 

If only mums have babies, then where did the first baby come from? 

What happens when we die, do we reach space? Curiosity on death was enhanced after she attended her great grand dad Jack’s celebration of life, who passed on 20/4/19.

Her questions are grand and varied, as are her stories. She confidently makes up things that could be true, but are not. What did you do with dad today, I ask. Indira: “We went biking at the warringah skate park.” Nic says, laughing, we went hiking. And Indira with a straight face: “That’s not true dad.” Then hilarious head back laughing.

She still loves to read, stashing books in her bed and under her pillow. In the morning, it’s the first thing she still likes to do as she told me it gets her ready for the day. Lately she’s been into puzzle books too – grouping themes and working on her letters. She’s putting sounds together and often asking how things are spelled. Along with making up stories, she makes up her own songs too. Singing with her ukulele or sister or just on her own. All of this is enriched at Montessori with music, french, writing, and experimentation. Lately Indira and her peers have been doing various experiments to understand wind and currents. 

Next week is that last week of term 2, our family will pack into our new car and drive up to Byron Bay for a week and then down the south coast visiting family and friends along the way. Term 3 will begin as winter ebbs with more swimming and outdoor play.  

The girls have loved getting so many special packages and letters from family. Gorgeous princess dresses from both grandmas and letters from their grandpa and abuella. It’s such a delight to find something in the mailbox! 

Eleanor, now 2 and a half loves school and has also started swimming classes. We finished our last journal with her speeding off on her new bike… well, she wore through those shoes pretty quick and is still enjoying her bike. At home lately, besides building forts, she’s enjoying playing with duplo – constructing towers and castles. She likes to be moving and is always seeking mastery in building skills.

At school her teachers notice that her intrinsic motivation will push her to try something new like a balance beam jump until she gets it. She’s a clear communicator with a big vocabulary, it’s such a joy to listen to her stories. She has a bright positive nature, last week as we cycled home from school after a play in the park she kept saying:

“I’m so lucky. I’m so lucky.

I got to play so long at the park with my friends.”

That big vocabulary helps her with her independence too. I say, put on your coat Eleanor. And Ele (at 2.5!) says: “Mum, I’m wearing a singlet under my shirt, I’m warm enough, and look at the sky it’s not raining.” So clever.

Until after the holidays, here are some more images of recent adventures:

Rivers Journal

Rivers Journal