Indira’s Four Months

30 January 2015

From Kristina

Indie is twice her age since our last update! She has lived twice the experience and there are many precious moments to share.

December began serenely enough: hanging out with her dad at coffee shops and with her mom at the beach.

Sleeping on Dad at the Coffee ShopBeach Walk and Snooze with Mum Sleeping on Dad at Pilu Coffee Ride

Highlights early in the month were receiving a handmade bib from aunt Heidi and co-facilitating an educational workshop with her parents… hehe… also enjoying time with uncle Stan.

Indira's New Bib Indira Co-facilitating a Workshop Grooving with Stan at Market Lane

We celebrated Nic’s birthday with a raw vegan black forest cake and drinks with friends. Indie helped pick out a straight blade as a birthday gift, but looks like dad needs more practice using it!

Helping Dad Blow Candles Men and their Girls New Cutthroat and Cuddles

At Christmas Indie met some of her family for the first time. Her cousins, uncle Steve, and great uncle Bob. She also got a little spoiled by her grandparents in Canberra. The presents were fun, but the drive to and from Sydney, not so much.

Indira with her Cousins Indira with Uncle Steve at Christmas Maria Bob Indira Nic Indira and Dad Opening Presents

The New Year was spent with more new family and friends in India and the travel, although 24 hours door-to-door, was less difficult than driving. Indie enjoyed all the hands-on attention and cuddles from her parents during the journey.

Indira's First Flight Happy New Year Family Walk Family Walk Kavin and Sathiya Family Walk

New Year’s Eve we attended a candle service at the Tibetan Pavilion and on January first we took a walk (until it rained) and planted an Amla tree.

New Years Eve Meditation at Tibetan Pavilion New Years Eve Meditation at Tibetan Pavilion Tibetan Pavilion New Years Day Walk Nic and Indi Tree Planting

Our weeks in India flew by, filled with delicious food and coffee, good conversation, yoga, walks in the forest, play, and naps (yes, in the last picture Indie is napping with her face resting in the baby carrier, a favourite position).

Indira Ready to Roll Out on the Moto Kristina and Indira at our Indoor Water Feature Indi with Heidi Indi Feet Indi Likes Banyon Trees

We stayed first with Sathiya, Perumal, and Kavin enjoying Sathiya’s cooking and lazy afternoons. Kavin is Indie’s cousin but he calls her ‘papa’ meaning little sister. Indie and Kavin both are called ‘cootie’ often, which means ‘little cutie,’ and kavin is the definition of cute! When Indira starts getting grumbly I made up a song that seams to soothe her, singing on repeat: “Indie … irie .. cootie … i-i-i-i-yo.” Irie is used in the Caribbean to mean ‘everything is all right, be at peace,’ so, it’s like I’m singing ‘be at peace little darling Indie’ in three languages!

Is That A Bicycle on Your T-shirt? Kavin Kavin Sathiya and Kavin

During the Pongal time, which is like a harvest festival period in South India, we moved in with Heidi, our Aaya (meaning grandmother or great grandmother in Tamil).

Pongal Pot Pongal FoodSathiya's Parents PongalPongal PrayerPongal Cow Special Cow TreatsImages of Pongal: an overflowing rice pot, celebrated cows, and family gatherings.

Indie of course was delighted to spend time with her Aaya, and showed off all her new developing skills: chattering, laughing, standing, nearly rolling, and grabbing, holding and shaking things.

Aya and Indi Indira with her Great Grandma Heidi Aya and Indi Aya and Indi

We spent most of our time in Auroville, a few scene shots below (including the massage room at Quiet, where Nic and I enjoyed relaxing hours under the hands of a Parisian masseuse)…

Auroville RoadGese-Sun MuralPink Flower Misty Matrymandir GardensMatrymandir Massage Room Reflection at the Banyon Tree

but took some day adventures to Pondicherry, temples, beaches, and a bird sanctuary…

Moto Convoy on Village Back Trails Pondy India Temple Gifts for Gods Trying to get Indira to Sleep in a hot Pondicherry Temple Visit Gandhi Tribute in Pondicherry Indira Keen to Sample the Flavours More Thinking The Thinker and Her Dad Good Times at La Terrace Indira and Nic at Quiet Beach Indira and Nic at the Beach in India

We also caught up with many old friends (Ramya, Manju, Vanitha) and their families and had a welcome visit from Canadian friends too! Nic interviewed an Aurovillian integral to Auroville’s reforestation so watch out for Nic’s post and perspective.

Indira with Sahana and Jess Sahana and Jess Visit Indira with Ramya Tixon Family Matrymandir What! Indira with ManjulaPitchandikulam Tour with Sahana

In India, our little girl got spoiled with transport. Riding in a baby carrier on mopeds or on laps in cars. She loved buzzing about on the scooter the best and it was an easy way to help her get some zzzz’s. Now that I’m back in Sydney, I’m missing that easy freedom and sleep solution, a solution likely not recommended by the local midwifes.

Indira Cruising with Mum Indira Cruising with Mum Family Transport India Style

On the way home from Chennai, we spent a packed day in Singapore with some friends and were given a list of about 6 things to get through in the day. I looked at the list and smiled, maybe we could have managed it pre-Indie, but it definitely was not a feasible list with our little girl. What are the top two or three things to do, I asked? And good thing I did because in the end we only managed one item on the list! Will have to return now.

Chennai Airport Singapore with Jacqui Singapore with Jacqui Indi and Yasmine Indira with Yasmine and Jacqui Look What I Found - Feet

Next adventure for our family will be Nevis and Nova Scotia July/August. Until then, we are back to our beach walks and routines at home in Freshwater. xoK

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