Indira’s One Month

23 October 2014

From Kristina

It's been a busy first 4 weeks for Indira, our little tiger. In the last couple weeks, she joined a Social Entrepreneurship course as the youngest little entrepreneur, she's been to a panel on ethical tourism, visited with friends, been a regular at the markets, taken many walks on the beach, and recently she's been enjoying the company of her Canadian Grandmother!

Little Budda

Every day Indira is becoming more alert and curious about her environment. She has begun to smile and express her vocal cords. She likes to dance to soul classics with her mom and cuddle with her dad.

One Month Tiger Suit Sea Suit Look at Mum's nose Yes I know Whoa kissing mum

Did not know it was possible, but we just love her more and more every day.

Just hanging out with Dad.

Snoozing Dad Change Table Indira with Taite

Visiting with Grandma Elizabeth.

Walking with GranCanada Checking out GranCan Three Stoneys Indira with her mum Our Little Tiger Indira taking 3 for the Sea Halliday's Anna's Tricks Indira with Victoria

Spending time with mom and friends and making sure we Take 3 for the Sea on our beach walks!

Rivers Journal

Rivers Journal