Indi’s One!

26 October 2015

From Kristina

A busy couple months for our little girl. She's started walking, forming words, giving hi-fives, traveled to the USA & Canada, cycled in 4 different cities, been sailing, and met her extended family. She also turned one and the celebrations are ongoing!

Let’s start where we left off last update – in Melbourne – for Jack Arney’s 90th birthday. A few more images of the family and Kellie’s magnificent cake.


Indi’s enjoyed her eleventh month with cycling, playgroups, library-time, beach picnics, and cuddles with mum and dad. During this time Indi formed and often used her first word “Hi.” She became an excellent pointer and more able moving on her own two feet.

She attended her first rally to protest against babies in detention and attended a candlelight service in honour of baby Aylan.

We also celebrated Indi’s first Father’s Day and friends birthdays too.


Indi still loves her food, and her after-meal baths. And to ensure she gets a bath at the end of each meal – she’s very good at making sure she gets the food all over herself!


Mid September Indi and and I flew to Edmonton, Alberta – 26 hours door-to-door. In Edmonton, Indi got to see her grandma Elizabeth again and meet her aunts Kato (Katherine) and Makayla, her uncle William (who drove over from Vancouver with Annie), and many dear friends. It was a busy time with walks in the river valley, trips to the yum french bakery, and a birthday to organise of course!

Just like being at home, Indi’s Grandma took her to the the library for story time and at home there were wooden toys to play with (that Indi’s great grandfather Simon made!)

We celebrated Indi’s birthday with a trip to the Muttart Conservatory (including a walk with Romeo, Sara’s dog) and dinner at Edmonton’s finest vegan restaurant. Indi asked if she could wear her helmet to dinner, but we saved it for the following day when we took a bike ride around Hawrelak Park and had a BBQ party!

Indi wanted to keep her helmet on for much of the party though. Too cute.

After a fun-filled week in Edmonton, Indi and I flew to Montreal where we met up with Nic. Yay!
Indi’s Grandpa, Richard, met us at the airport and together we drove the two hours to Vermont. Another family-filled fun-fest of a week. Indi met up with her Aaya Heidi and Aunt Anna again, and also got to meet her Aunt Rose, Abuela Allison, and extended family too – Rebecca, Eric, and Maddie. We took many walks in the resplendent autumn, had lot’s of play time with Luna dog and the chickens, and went on a few bike rides of course!

Indi settled in, taking her meals, baths, and naps as easily as if at home.



We also had to celebrate Indi’s birthday again! And since it was just Rose’s 21st birthday we had a double celebration!

Our time in Vermont was made richer with even more family, as the Stoney relatives travelled across state to visit. Indi met her great grandparents, and other great relations: Sam, Kimberly and Elliott, and Christopher and Kathleen. Together we lunched, enjoyed a family reunion dinner, and went on some good walks of course!


Farewell to family and a fabulous week; off to Saskatoon we go. Saskatoon is a pararie university town in Saskachewan and home to this year’s annual STEMFestival. Susan, our host met us at the airport and generally looked after us the three days we stayed. And a packed three days they were! Indi joined her parents for a a ride with 120 school children and presentation at the festival followed by three school presentations travelled to by bike. It was chilly so Indi bundled up with two pairs of pants, a few jumpers, hat, scarf, and gloves!

Indi was a crowd pleaser of course, she was so good for each of the hour talks and of course she enjoyed the cycling between venues! The last night we celebrated with some vegan poutine before flying to San Fransisco.


In San Fransisco we got to visit Indi’s Great Grandpa Simon and together enjoyed delicious brunches, lovely walks, and even a tram ride!


Simon and our friends Cat & Teilo are sailors so we enjoyed some time together talking boats and then they took us sailing in the bay! It was Indi’s first time sailing and she took to it!


Whew. What an adventure! Back in Australia, Indi is up to usual plus heading to the beach more often – because it is fully summer.

We love you Indi ra ra roo! The clever little girl is almost walking on her own and has an expanded vocabulary with words for dog, bath, what’s this, mum, and dad. Just the essentials.

Next update in a couple months – until then look for us on Skype to say hello. xo


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