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04 October 2016

From Nicolas

You can imagine our delight with Indira's sense of adventure budding.. over the past months she's cut her teeth cycle touring, caving, camped with dad, and turned two!

We had a great time hosting Kristina’s dad and sister (Richard and Rose) who really wanted to experience what day-to-day life was like for us in this far corner of the world – Sydney’s northern beaches. Richard insisted his time here focused on understanding local¬†rituals around bikes, adventure, coffee and craft beer.. I obliged ūüėČ Our parting adventure was a hike down Sydney’s eastern beaches, the famous Bondi to Bronte coastal walk¬†– we even spotted a few whales heading up the coast.


For Indi, more people = more playtime.. leaving us a little wary of how she would adapt back to life with mum and dad. So, we tried to keep her occupied in our local surrounds..

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..and before long she was calling to adventure farther.


So we dusted off our World By Cycle kit and headed for the hills.

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While Indi’s patience is tested after a couple of hours in the car.. she sure didn’t mind saddling the bike for a solid four hour stint. My trail research¬†was slightly¬†floored¬†and we didn’t quite make our planned camp – due to extremely rough terrain and a flooded river – though this didn’t seem to phase Indi who delighted on sharing the tent with mum and dad.

201607220211_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__017 201607220210_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__016 201607220209_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__015

Stumped by the flooded and uncrossable river we hauled our bikes up a 4wd track to make the return loop.

201607220415_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__018 201607220639_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__020

On to our phase two of the weekend adventure, Jenolan Caves.

Unknown to us, this little gem boasts some notable history including being the first electrically lit cave in the world in 1880 (just one year after Edison’s invention). It’s a little mind-blowing¬†to imagine the tourism industry of 136 years ago.. this is a pretty hairy place to drive in to today.

201607221719_kristina-rivers_rivers-journal__005 201607230517_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__021 201607230520_kristina-rivers_rivers-journal__022 201607230537_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__023

And that wrapped up our long weekend in the Blue Mountains.

Next on the radar was an overnight camp for dad and daughter. We scouted a semi-secluded camp not too far from home. The Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is just 20km to our north and required a short boat trip across the bay to what proved a hive of spring life; mostly wallabies and ducks.

201609100726_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__027 201609100844_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__030 201609100840_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__029 201609101129_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__033 201609100816_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__028

Indi enjoyed exploring the flora & fauna, camp-dining, hanging out in the tent, and oranges on the wharf..

201609100858_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__031 201609100908_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__032 201609110333_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__037 201609110335_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__038 201609101247_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__034 201609110144_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__036 201609110126_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__035 201609110417_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__039 201609110418_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__040

Somewhere in the mix we celebrated dad’s day with an obligatory Sunday market shop (aka tree climb) and brunch.

201609041043_kristina-rivers_rivers-journal__006 201609041238_kristina-rivers_rivers-journal__007 201607240329_kristina-rivers_rivers-journal__024

And in other business Indi has been working on her new genre of art.. she calls it ‘hiding’ – what do you see?

201606180256_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__008 201606180258_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__009 201608120529_nicolas-rivers_rivers-journal__026

We’ve also been supporting the avid reader in her – about 6 to 12 books before breakfast is a good start to the day.. and we’re not complaining as we listen to¬†her turning pages¬†and¬†telling stories to her stuffed companions.. before summoning us for brekkie!


Then on September 18, our little ball of amazement turned two and we celebrated with friends and family, including an unexpected Brisbane-drop-in.

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