Meeting Eleanor

22 November 2016

From Kristina

Almost 2 weeks have gone by since our little love arrived. Eleanor, following her sister's lead, arrived 10 days early. Again, none too small. However, they do look distinctively different.

Ele, like her big sister, is already a champion eater, and she’s had all her checks – reflects, hearing, heart, etc., and is perfectly healthy. Hooray!

Eleanor means bright, shining one, or shining light, the bright one. Light and radiance. And she is. It’s a strong and study name, born by some of the most powerful women in history. A name to fit our daughter, whomever she wishes to become.

For those Sydney side, we are taking visitors this coming weekend, the last of November. Next week we welcome the girls’ Canadian grandmother for two weeks and then we head to Canberra and then Jindabyne until the new year.

It’s been a very special couple weeks with Nic home, spending time as a family. Indira especially has loved all the the extra time with dad. Wouldn’t it be great to live in Norway with 2 years of parental leave instead of 2 weeks. Luckily, Christmas is around the corner and we will have more time together then.

Indi is a very loving big sister, and growing up so fast. She’s moved into a big toddler bed, she now fits her ‘big’ bike, she’s memorising books, speaking in sophisticated sentences, and feeding and dressing herself.

She still loves reading books and riding her bike and has grown even more attached to her gorilla. Since Eleanor came home, gorilla has lived under Indi’s left arm if he’s (she’s?) not engaged in activity with Indi.

It’s a big change for Indi, has happy as she is to have a sister, a big change. Luckily she has adoring parents, grandparents, good friends, and regular enjoyed activities. She also got a teepee (she really wanted one!), and a book about herself as a baby too.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, in person or on Skype,

Love, the Rivers.


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