Six Months Today!

18 March 2015

From Kristina

Freshwater Beach is the kind of place I imagined going to on a holiday. It is perfect. Indira and I walk along the beach every day, and everyday I count my blessings: to live somewhere so beautiful, and for my beautiful little daughter to share it with. Seriously, just have to pinch myself. This is where I live. This is the wonderful life I have helped create.

Today is an extra special day because Indira turns six-months-old, and on this day, March 18th in 2012, Nic and I were secretly married. Here are a few snaps of Indie and me on Freshie.

201503121002_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1694 201503111111_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1672 Ocean a little rough for Indi Ocean a little rough for Indi 201501301716_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1115 201503061655_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1576

It is not just along the Beach, Indie and I walk, being the little adventurer that she is, we walk about 10 km a day. As soon as she is in her carrier, she’s happy. Out and exploring the world and all it’s sights and smells. We also stop now and then so she can have a good touch of a tree, plant, or new surface. And it’s always nice being joined by friends. Sometimes Indira just quietly takes it all in, sometimes she chats, and sometimes she has a little sleep.

201503041009_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1560 201503081343_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1604 201502151046_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1378 201501311148_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1128 201502011710_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1174 201503100801_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1623 What Was That Catching Up With Sock Monkey Me In The Mirror Tummy Time 201502191016_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1462 Tummy Time

Besides being a little explorer, it appears that our little girl enjoys books! Susan and Geoff got her a little black and white one from our local shop, as it was the item that lit her face up! I’ve started to read to her during the day, instead of at bedtime as the reading seems to stimulating for her.

201502131708_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1349 201502141054_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1355 201502180923_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1416 201502250904_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1518 Reading Reading with Gran-Susan 201502121752_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1338

To get ready for sleep instead of reading, Indira has her dinner (yep, started real foods), then a warm shower or bath, followed by a little body massage in our dark quiet room. Indira has enjoyed exploring new foods and mastering the skills involved in drinking from a cup. So far one of her favourite foods is avocado – but she also likes some of my blends like blueberry, prune, banana, and lentil or blended together sweet potato, cauliflower, pear, potato, lentil, and coconut milk!

First Bite 201502231648_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1499 201503140839_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1698 Food

Other firsts recently include taking an ocean dip. As we are now into autumn in Sydney, we thought we’d try a dip before it gets too cold. The first go, the waves were too big and the second was a little too cold … will have to wait for next year for more of a play.

Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Nic at the Beach Indi and Kristina at the Beach Indi in the rock pool with Mum Indi and Kristina at the Beach

Some of the other things that make Indira laugh with delight are having her belly kissed, dancing to Brazilian music, and hanging out with her dad on the weekend (don’t have any of her dancing – but will next time!)

201502221736_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1479 201502071106_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1263 201502070925_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1246

We’ve also been getting baby yoga and massage videos from the library which Indira enjoys. Here she is post workout glow:

Post Baby Yoga Glow Tummy Time Tummy Time

She’s such a gorgeous little girl. Here are a few more pictures from the last couple months: in our garden when we returned from India, talking to her Grandma Elizabeth on Skype (for their weekly chat), cuddling with her Grandpa Geoff, getting gifts from her Grandma Susan, daydreaming with her favourite fish from the Evans, and looking adorable at our local cafe.

201501291117_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1108 201502171529_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1407 201502130906_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1340 201503101409_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1653 201503101408_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1651 201502181010_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1419 201503120928_Kristina Rivers_IMG_1683

Indira just had her 6 month check and shots and she’s perfectly healthy almost 7kg and 65.5cm long. Here are the last couple photos of her on the day she got her check up, helping mom cook in the kitchen.

Until later,
Love the Rivers.

Indi watching Mum in the kitchen New Slippers Indi watching Mum in the kitchen Indi watching Mum in the kitchen

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