Spring holidays in Canberra with Grandma Susan & Grandad

11 October 2019

From Kristina

How lucky were we to enjoy 4 whole days with Indira & Eleanor on their first ‘big’ holiday without their...

How lucky were we to enjoy 4 whole days with Indira & Eleanor on their first ‘big’ holiday without their parents! Early starts made for some long days to fill with much fun & frivolity plus plenty of activities for big & small! The National Arboretum is mandatory as both girls love climbing high up through the beautiful pods through the rope tunnels (which they excel!) then down the twisty slide. And repeat! And again! Continue until the temptation of a treat takes us into the cafe! 

Both girls now excel at climbing but Eleanor is very determined to do it herself & she has gained confidence with repeated visits. Afternoons at home were spent doing painting – including Grandads hand to print -playing with play dough (made by Indira), or hanging out in the cubby house. Indira enjoyed writing on the blackboard in her school room but Eleanor used it as a doctors surgery! Great imaginations that’s for sure! 

We all loved a fairy tea party but first the tea set needed washing! The tiny cookies & fairy sandwiches were enjoyed with mint tea! Eleanor kept our cups very full! 

Another fun craft activity was dressing foam fairies. Both girls concentrated on getting those outfits on & wings in place. Bikes always feature so we went to the local ride & learn facility at Lake Tuggeranong! You can ride around the miniature road with roundabouts & signs or just climb on the adjacent sign! Much fun nevertheless! 

Swimming at the local pool was fabulous and they both liked showing us their increasing skills in the water. We had such fun too! The girls loved their mini holiday but not nearly as much as their lucky grandparents! Gorilla & Baby Lucy were never far away so new clothes were purchased for them too! Looking forward to the next visit!

Rivers Journal

Rivers Journal