Two Months On

30 November 2014

From Kristina

Indie-ra-ra (as Nic calls our little girl) is becoming even more curious about the world. An 'alert' baby the midwifes say, she does not sleep as much as normal, as she's often busy taking everything in.

Stories with Dad Indira n Dad checking each other out Stories with Dad Skype Time Stories with Aaron Kisses from Dad Two Months Today Guess How Old I'm Two Months! Indira's Bouncer Hanging w Dad at Market Lane Contemplative Indira

However, she did fall fast asleep while her dad was presenting a film lecture to an auditorium of secondary students and with her dad at a Creative morning talk … must be lectures… she’s also fast asleep here as her mom receives a certificate from an Entrepreneurship course.

Another Sleeping Angle Creative Mornings Indira's first Award

We’ve all enjoyed the past month as Indira begins making sounds back to us and sharing smiles that melt our hearts. During this time we’ve discovered one of Indie’s most favourite places. Have a guess where it is ….

Hanging on Dad Massage Time Two New Mums

Or maybe out on walks to the sea and for exercise with her other man Mack …

Stroller at the Beach Indie's got Mail

Naw, all these are great, but one of Indira’s top spot is on her change table! She has a few animal friends that she chats and tells stories to.

Change Table Fun The Storyteller Change Table Fun Change Table Fun Change Table Fun Change Table Fun

It was sad to see her Grandma Elizabeth leave for Canada, it was fun having both grandparents together with Grandparents Susan and Geoff around too! (Would have had more to share but Nic’s film card went corrupt and my phone went missing …. )

Sunday Markets with Grandma Grandma's Indian at the Markets Grandma Cuddles Grandma Cuddles Grandma Cuddles

And of course there were visits with many friends!

Meeting Sarah Anne Meeting Cath Meeting Rebecca Hanging with The Herd Meeting Belle Swinging with Aaron

Next month … India!

xo – the Rivers family

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