Just a quick update from this past week – Indira returned to school and competed in a running race!

Indira has been running up and down our small house, holding a book to her chest – pretending the book is a race number – periodically stoping to consult a pretend spreadsheet to check that her number corresponds to her name – Yes! It’s Indira Stoney Rivers, she announces. When race day finally rolled around, Indira jumped out of bed with excitement in the pre dawn like other children might on Christmas. “It’s my race day!” Yes, Indira, but it’s going to be raining heavily – do you still want to go? “Yes!”

And so by 6am we were out the door with a 3.5km run through torrential rain to the start line . We were the only double pram in the 10km Sun Run and started out with Indira on foot – loving it. She was running with the biggest grin “look at me, I’m running” she said, “look at me I’m smiling!” She ran about the first 2km and then needed to hop in the pram as we were close to the cut off time, and for the rest of the race we took turns with both Indi and Ele running with hands held across the finish line. Post race Indi had her first dairy free hot chocolate which she savoured spoonful by spoonful. “You know mum, that was fun, but I’d like to do a Sun Bike too.”

Yes, we just may have to find her some bike races – she already has her eye on a bike with pedals at the local bike shop… so may be soon transitioning from her balance bike, on which she is riding with confidence.

Indira wanted to ride her bike to school or run there, she just wanted to get there! It’s wonderful to see how excited she was to return to school, she is truly loving the learning environment. And she surprised me the other day while doing some drawing on a whiteboard, “is that an E mummy?” It was! And then she erased it and did it again. “E, it’s an E for Eleanor.” Bless, she worked out how to make an E before an I – the first letter of her own name.

Indira’s first day back to school

It’s a delight witnessing Eleanor’s personality emerge. She too, is running already and such a ready adventurer. The two girls set off into the city on Sunday with Nic who was speaking at a graduation for entrepreneurs. I had a swim race booked, so Nic was on his own with them. They stole the show as Nic was making his speech with Ele in arms, Ele was also looking at the audience sharing “blah blah blah … ” while Indi did yoga poses in front of the stage.

Two sisters

What a week! This week also brought the realisation that our neighbours are currently embarking on a 12month house rebuild. Indira is still fearful of noises and with all the noises of the construction her fears have escalated – needing to be high up (not touching the floor), requiring someone with her at all times (I need people on skype, etc., when with Ele), more afraid of things under her bed, etc. If anyone has experienced any of this or has some helpful ideas of how to help her – please send across.

Thank you!


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